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You know what? I don’t pay attention to tabloids that often so I must have missed the chapter about Terrence Howard’s ex marital issues and Asian woman marriage.  To be quite honest with you, I love his acting. He’s an awesome actor, thereby I was still on his team.  I had heard of his diva attitude being the reason he got kicked off the Iron Man squad. But homeboy can really really act.  I don’t give a damn who he’s fucking. And most other people don’t give a damn who he’s fucking either. Like I said in the previous post, niggas have been dating everything BUT black women for centuries. For him to bring that up as the reasons why Black folks don’t fuck with him is ludicrous and quite insulting.  Your Best Man card is the reason why niggas rock with you and CONTINUE to rock with you bruh.  Don’t get it twisted, k?  I’m sitting here thinking, he must be feeling hella guilty to bring that up in a conversation where his main audience in this movie is most likely NOT going to be black folk. 

You ever notice how niggas with anyone other than a black woman on their arm get real uncomfortable when there’s another black woman in the room?  It’s happened to me MULTIPLE times. And its almost like they expect you to have some kind of reaction to them.  For example; I’m at work yesterday. This couple walks in.  Chocolate young man and a white girl.  I look up to welcome them to the store, and he looks me dead in my eyes and stops walking.  White girl is oblivious to this.  I say hello, he starts shifting his eyes around the room.  I’m like, ok. Whatever. And I continue folding mf clothing.  As they start to walk by me, I look up to ask HER if she needs help finding anything, but before I finish my sentence he cuts me off and says, “Yea. We’re fine.”  Nigga. Chill.  So she giggles for whatever reason. I continue folding mf clothing.  About 5 ft behind me, I hear her ask him whats wrong.  I start walking around the store, and he is following me with his eyes. Either he thought I was cute, or he thought I was judging him.  I had not a fuck to give.  Either way, if you are going to be in a interracial relationship with someone you care about who gives a gaddamn what other people think about it.  My mama might be irritated I bring home my Fitz look a like one day but you know who won’t be? My quivering ocean of a vagina.

Point is. These niggas are fucked up thinking that people really care about who they with.  Niggas dating Asian women, and White women, etc is nothing new. We don’t care.  Do you. The fact that they talk about it all the time, and out of nowhere shows hes insecure about it.  Worried about what everybody else thinks.  Black people dont support each other. Whats new?  Black people talk shit about each other. Whats new?  You are a Hollywood actor for christs sake. EVERYBODY TALKS SHIT ABOUT EVERYBODY!

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